Classification Asarum
(Heterotropa) of  Japan
Differentiate the species by checking the prefecture , leaves and flowers

Check the prefecture  
Check the leaves  
Check the flowering period  
Check pistil and stamens  
Group of Tamano-kan-aoi (A .tamaense)  
Group of Tairin-aoi (A. asaroides )  
Group of sakawa-saishin (A. sakawanum)  
Group of miyako-aoi (A. asperum)  
Group of tukushi-aoi (A. kiusianum)  
Group of kantoh-kan-aoi (A. nipponicum)  
Group of hime-kan-aoi (A. )  
Group of yakushima-aoi (A. yakusimense)  
Group of Ranyho-aoi (A. blumei )  
Group of Fujino-kan-aoi (A. fudsinoi)  
Group of omoro-kan-aoi (A. dissitum)  
Group of Gusuku-kan-aoi (A. gusk)  
Group of hybrid  
Kan-aoi beside an animal trail  
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